Members of the Quality Engineering Group have been involved in many national and international research projects. Within these projects the group had the opportunity to cooperate with many Research Institutions and Enterprises.

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

  • Revisione del sistema di controllo di accettazione sul prodotto finito

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 

  • "Quality controlo of surface mechanical properties and topographical feature by Additive Manufacturing"

FIAT Automotive S.p.A.

  • “Analysis of correlations among Customer Satisfaction indicators and design specifications of car components”

RAI ICT (ICT division of the Italian broadcasting company)

  • “Evaluation of S.O. (Service Operations) quality” (definition of indicators for the S.L.A. – Service Level Agreement among RAI and its suppliers)


  • “Posizionamento Strategico dell’aeroporto di Torino”

AIOICI (Italian Association of the Independent Bodies for Certification and Inspection)

  • “Analysis of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification diffusion: performance indicators and European Country benchmarking”

ATC (Italian Agency for social housing)

  • “Preliminary design of ATC Customer Contact Center and its performance measurement system”
  • “ATC Customer Contact Center: processes indicators and criticalities”
  • “ATC relationships with external suppliers: performance evaluation and criticalities”

Comune di Torino, AICQ (Italian Association for QualityCulture)

  • “Performance indicators for the evaluation of Call Center service quality”

CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center)

  • “CIRA PMS – Performance Measurement System” (definition of indicators for management incentive system)

Microservice S.r.l.

  • Cooperative fusion of distributed multi-sensor LVM (Large Volume Metrology) systems

CEMISS (Military Centre for Strategic Studies) and Italian Air Force

  • “Outsourcing and reorganization of car fleet management service” (definition of indicators for the comparison of alternative proposals of service reorganization
  • “Outsourcing e reorganization of P.O.L (Petroleum Oil Lubricants) service - Avio” (definition of indicators for the comparison of alternative proposals of service reorganization)

 Fag artigrafiche S.p.A.

  • Studio della riorganizzazione del layout produttivo

ATO 2 - Autorità d’Ambito n°2 “Biellese - Vercellese - Casalese”

  • Indagine di Customer Satisfaction nel territorio ATO2

Cullati S.r.l.

  • ABIMEST (Analisi dei BIsogni del MErcato e degli Sviluppi Tecnologici)


  • Verifica di conformità alla norma UNI EN 14509:2007 delle scale di misura delle forze e degli spostamenti delle apparecchiature di prova ISOLPACK